Saturday, March 28, 2009

...back on the road!

Hello everybody!

just wanted to give you a quick update on current developments in sunny and soon to be very hot California! The climate conditions are as usual great although you can feel that the sun is getting stronger day by day AND the office is getting colder day by day :) Why? Well...pretty easy...since I share the workspace with typical Americans and other nations that are used to warm temperatures...they like it cold around them! That simply means that you go to the office with a T-shirt and then use a sweater not to freeze...strange but obviously the American way of surviving summer :-)

What else...yes..I bought a nice car and so I am back on the road :-)! A very nice Buick le sabre cruiser (see pictures)
built in 1993 and for a relatively low price and in perfect condition! The "light gay" blue color is something new...but at least in summer it does not heat up that much! Fuel prices are relatively low (1 Gallon=approx 4 Liters for about 2.1 Dollars) what makes driving not that expensive compared to bad European times last year! Compared to european driving people here seem not to take care about their fellow californians on the road what makes accidents a regular "event" on the daily way to the office on my 7 lane (one side only!!!!) highway! But driving saves me up to 40 minutes and since I heard that a girl was shot in the bus...I am happy not to use it any more!

Work is also getting better and integration into the team has been very easy! Finally I am working with tons of figures covering all West USA, Mexico and Central America and help the company (Lufthansa Cargo)"control" itself! Lets hope the times get better soon :-)!

If you want to see some pictures please use the link on the left side! Hope it works out now and if not..let me know :-)

Hope you´re all doing good and since yesterday the internet connection at homes also works again what means that we could also do a Skype call!!! Let me know :-)


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dear all,

I hope you don't mind all this written in English but as also people that do not speak German that well will read this should be able to see how things are going on over here in sunny Los Angeles. I used to have another layout for Photos and News but apparently some problems occured while trying to see pictures with FIREFOX so that I changed to a Blog that seems to work with various Browsers! Whatever Browser you may should be able to see all the pictures I upploaded :-) If not...let me know!

Why Iam I doing all this! Quite easy...I cannot talk to everyone on the phone to let you know what I experienced and will experience here, so I decided to create the news thingy to let you participate in what is going on here :-)!

Quite a lot of things happened so far and I can already say that LA is a real nice place to be regarding the diversity of people (Mexicans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, African Americans=Blacks, etc)

I have started my internship at Lufthansa Cargo about a week ago and I can say that the company itself is so far definately worth working for and I got some very nice colleagues from around the globe! Me and three other German interns are working on different areas (handling, sales, quality) and me being the controlling intern for the Region of west and middle America! The office is directly located at the LA int. Airport and it is nice to watch all the planes arriving and leaving every 3 minutes. Some told me that Quantas also has regular flights from Sidney to LA with the new Airbus A380! As soon as I have the pics...I will let you know!

Apart from that. I am living in Culver City that is about 1:15 minutes by Bus and only 15 mins by car away from the airport that I am working at!´re right that taking the bus takes some time!!! And I am looking out for cars to buy since the United States are not made for people using public transport! long as I can go to work without having a lot of trouble...I am fine and dont have stress:-). I share a House with an elderly couple that is very nice and another intern from Germany who works somewhere else!!!

As you can see in the pictures, I have already visited the most important Spots (Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach) and soon I will provide you with some pictures from Basketball games and other pictures that are nice to look at:-)

Hope you are all doing well!!!!